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Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Bamiyan Kabob
The Afghan cuisine experience you’ve been waiting for! We’re offering exclusive menu consisting of delicious dishes from Afghanistan. Our chefs work hard every day to have fresh ingredients and deliciously-prepared meals for our customers. If you’re interested in trying the cuisine of this beautiful country – Bamiyan is the place to be!

The name of the restaurant originated from the ancient statues carved into the high cliffs overlooking the Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan. We believe it is one of the most sacred and picturesque places in the world. Unfortunately, the valley has recently been destroyed, but we keep the traditions and the cuisine safe with our dedicated and experienced staff. We always try to make sure each customer is served according to our high standards, and everyone is having a good time. We are extremely passionate about Afghan traditions and want you to experience our country in the comfort of your home.

We guarantee you a welcoming warm atmosphere along with the notes of our traditional music and great food. You will enjoy the choice of chicken, beef, lamb and various vegetable and rice meals. We try our best to have a versatile menu that will suite people of all cultures and eating preferences. Throughout the years, we managed to keep the traditional touch as well as have a big variety of main courses, appetizers and desserts. We work hard every day to serve our loyal visitors as well as new guests.

We’re inviting you to have a wonderful, charming experience with delightful dishes in the Afghan environment with dedicated staff. Please feel free to contact us at … to make reservations and ask us any questions!