Welcome To Bamiyan Kabob!

Bamiyan Kabob is a contemporary Afghan restaurant with a warm and inviting ambiance. A strong dedication to service and exceeding our guests’ expectations each and every time they visit us. We offer fresh, innovative Afghan cuisine at moderate prices.

Experience the cuisine of Afghanistan and be instantly transported thousands of miles by the exotic flavors. We invite you to come experience our carefully prepared authentic dishes from the history of Afghanistan.

~~Named in honor of the ancient statues carved into the high cliffs overlooking the Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan, recently destroyed by the Taliban, Bamiyan features the culinary delights of the region. Boasting a complete traditional menu of chicken, lamb, beef, vegetable and rice dishes. More than 40 herbs and spices are used to create unforgettably tasty dishes. In accordance with traditional preparations, all dishes are made by hand with fresh ingredients only each and every day.
Toronto Star – Food and Drink rates 3 ½ of 4 stars

Simple pleasure awaits at Bamiyan Kabob